10/30/2010: Takeshi Shudo and Nachi Nozawa
Written by Cindy Yamauchi   

Space CobraAs I was writing a blog entry on the passing of Takeshi Shudo, the screenwriter of anime classics such as Minky Momo, Baldios, and Goshogun, I heard that Nachi Nozawa, a veteran voice actor best known for "Space Cobra" in the US, and who most recently starred as Sid in Devil May Cry, had died of lung cancer. I'd never met them in person, but both of them hold a special place in my otaku heart.

Back in the days when anime shows were mostly based on original concepts created by the screenwriters, Shudo-san was definitely one of the most popular writers around. Minky Momo is still one of my biggest favorites. It just occurred to me as I write this that I even worked on inbetweens of Momo early in my career. And as bad as Baldios was visually, I can't just write it off as a poorly-executed show because of its strange, tragic story (though it was cut short in the middle, due to cancellation). In fact, a sizeable chunk of time of my "otakuhood" days was spent watching Baldios and trying to perfect my drawings of Marin (the hero of the show).

Nozawa-san was mainly a voice actor, but not just any voice actor; his voice was well-known throughout the general public as the Japanese voice for Bruce Willis, Christopher Walken, Dennis Hopper, and most famously for the handsome French actor, Alain Delon. He also lent his voice to many anime characters as well, although many of those characters never made their way to the US. He also was a radio host and a stage actor. As a kid, I used to sneak a radio into bed to listen to his show--Pack In Music--that aired around 1am, and my friends and I would talk about the show in school the following day. Gosh, I have so many fond memories related to his voice...

Rest in peace, Shudo-san and Nozawa-san. You both will be missed by many.